Total ballet funk

Oh dear. No ballet for two and a half weeks now and I am soo blah.

Where has all my super enthusiasm gone?  I cant find it!

I think it may be to do with:

  • Its the middle of winter here. So freezing and dark by 5.30pm
  • I have been away for work a lot, so missed heaps of classes
  • My teacher is away for three weeks
  • My gorgeous ballet friends are almost as blah as me about class at the moment
  • School holidays

Even my favorite ballet bloggers have gone dark!

I just need a fresh start. Throw myself back into it, suck it up and start practicing at home.

Only 8 weeks until the exam. Now is not a good time to loose my mojo.

So time to sew the ribbons on my beautiful new pointes from Singapore. The next two weeks are up to me but after that its back to 3-4 classes a week until the exam. Yeah.

More self motivation to come. Watch this space.

Mock Exam day

Today was the Mock exam.  Three months to go and a good time to have someone else assess us on how we are doing.

The exam was held at our ballet studio and proceeded like a real exam would, however maybe a little less formal.  The examiner sat at a table at the front and we were scored for each exercise. We were a little nervous, and I was feeling very rusty as I have missed soo many classes in the last three weeks due to being overseas for work and moving house. The barre went ok,  we then moved to the centre which was ok on the most part if we don’t mention the grand jete en tournant.  After that it was pointe. My first time en pointe for a month and in my old shoes, it was ok.  Very short, just 4 exercises so nice and easy on my ankle. Then all done.  What a relief!

The examiner was fairly complimentary and was happy that we knew our syllabus and could tell we were all very focussed. She also mentioned that it was a nice change to her younger students, another advantage of teaching adults maybe.

This afternoon we received our results with comments which will be really helpful. We all got a pass mark. Hooray! So the big question now is whether we go into the exam in September as Cat A (Dancer) or Cat B (Mature dancers judged to the best of ones ability). Our teacher was going to take some guidance from the examiner so we shall now wait and see. I have decided I am happy either way 🙂 The big thing for us is that we didn’t want to make fools of ourselves. Sometimes when you are an adult beginner it’s easy to doubt yourself and think that maybe we are too old for all of this, especially taking exams with teenagers. We don’t want to embarrass ourselves or our teacher by trying to do something that is beyond our ability, but we do want to improve and have fun.

So with three months to go I think we achieved something today. Sure we are not teenagers anymore, but we did do ok, we still have a large amount of work to do but I think that it is possible and that’s what we were hoping for out of today

A week off and practising on holiday

So I am currently on holiday in the land of the Bush Ballerina.  Our annual visit to Aus to see family.  It’s currently raining, really raining, thunderbolts and lightning very very frightening raining.  Well ok maybe not scary but torrential downpours never the less. So not beach weather. However we did get a few lovely days so that’s ok. No complaints.

On Tuesday am and this morning I got out of bed at 6am and practiced for 30 minutes, full barre and part of the centre work.  It was great, although practicing on a tile floor is slightly different. I was a bit stiff also, I really need to do more stretching.

So my guilty pleasure this holiday is reading Ballerina by Edward Stewart.  I can’t decide whether I love it or hate it, the characters are kind of annoying but there is something about it which keeps me reading. I really want to find out what happens. I am envisioning some kind of Black Swan situation unfolding.  However I’m only half way through and it will delete from my ipad tomorrow (library book). Will I find out what happens or am I left dangling until I get home to renew it again.  I dont think I can read that fast. Sigh.

Back to ballet next week, four classes to make up for lost time. On the count down now, next week it is 4 months until the exam and only 4 weeks until the mock.  Time to knuckle down, oh and stop drinking so much wine and eating so much chocolate 🙂

En Dedans doubles, so far out of reach

I am currently working on en dedan doubles. The combo is single single double. Hmmm.  Very hard. I am trying to work out a way to get around. Haven’t found it yet. Oh well. Practice practice.



Time for some ballet videos

So I have finally worked out how to upload the Go Pro videos into something small enough to post. Here is the Demi Grande Ronde de Jambe.  I am happy with my progress with this but the Grande plié and arabesque demi pointe hold are hard. Still lots of work to do 🙂




Time to start practicing at home

Yesterday I got out of bed, put on my ballet tights and pushed the kitchen table aside to finally practice at home. I now have the syllabus music on my phone so I plugged it into some speakers and got started. From plies to grand battements I got through the whole barre and then some of the centre work. It felt good and I even got up a bit of a sweat. The whole routine took 30 minutes with a few stops to check the syllabus notes. With 4 1/2 months until the exam. The plan is to practice twice a week at home, two classes a week and one personal trainer session for strength.

20150408_090120 20150408_090130

My wrist is healing slowly, yeah. However the ankle is still not great. I am still unable to do much en pointe. Boo.  If I can’t get to the bottom of the problem soon I won’t be able to enter the exam as a dancer. I shall have to be a Cat B (mature student, 30+) examined to the best of dancers physical ability with a pointe exemption. It’s not the same so would be disappointing however it is an option there is also a larger theory component that goes with it. Less dance more study.  The date for deciding is the beginning of June so watch this space.


Maybe I shouldn’t be on point if I need a brace



I have been slack!

I have been terribly slack on the posts. Lots of reasons why but still.

So what’s got in the way of blogging:

  • work trips
  • children
  • selling the house
  • trying to work from home
  • keeping the house clean for open homes arghhh
  • oh and lack of inspiration due to being overwhelmed by all of the above
  • and of course keeping children and hubby well fed and happy.

I have still been to ballet twice a week and at attended at least one strength training session. Next term I will up it to 3 classes. I was feeling a bit despondent about the exam and my progress however, I videod a class last week and actually my adage is ok.  I can’t jump nicely and my allegro lacks style (and some technique) but it’s ok.


I think we are still on track for the exam.  We know our barre and most of the centre work, it just all needs tidying up.  Still a long way for me to go with pointe but slowly get there too.

I also have two injuries.  Left ankle and left wrist. The left wrist means no weights or upper body work and the ankle is keeping me off pointe. The wrist was from a trampoline accident ops, trying to do a flip.  The ankle is just playing up from old injuries. Grrr.


This is the last week of term so I shall need to do some practice over the holidays. Back to feet and ankle strengthening.  Where did I put my theraband?

In a fit of excitement

In a fit of excitement. The lovely ballet girls (the intermediate gang) decided it would be fun to attend the open class held by the National Ballet this weekend. Yeah.

But then in a moment of reflection I thought hmm maybe they are not expecting 30 and 40 something year old ladies to turn up, so I sent them an email explaining who we were. Quick as a flash (well the next morning) I received a phone call to say that indeed our age was a surprise and that the teenagers might find us a bit intimidating.  We were all thinking the other way around,  I mean we really can’t compete with pre professional teenagers. However I saw their point however, instead we were offered a special class by one of their wonderful teachers.  Yeah.

So tomorrow afternoon four us shall be given an open class tailored just for us. Then in the evening we are going to watch the ballet. Girls day (and night) out, exciting!

Its surprising what makes a good barre

Its surprising what makes a good barre

When you have one of those days

One of those days where despite trying so hard to eat really carefully, your stomach disobeys and swells up to make you look like your six months pregnant. Arghh. I hate it when that happens on ballet days!

I have even been asked if I was pregnant before by another dancer. That was embarrassing for both of us.

I’m sure I am not the only person who has this problem but it makes putting a leotard and tights on kind of uncomfortable to say nothing for the side effects on the self esteem.  Never mind its a fact of my life so I have to deal with it. Some days I have skinny days and some days I have big belly days, boo.

I am gluten free, lactose free, mostly sugar free, low fodmap (most of the time) and more recently I have had surgery (seems like that was not as successful as I hoped). I have yet to find anything that really solves the problem.

So how do I deal with it?  I put my leotard on anyway, try not to hide under a singlet and pull myself up tall, stomach in whenever I can (or see myself in the mirror). But most importantly, thank goodness I dance with wonderful people who do not judge what others look like 🙂



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