I have finally done it. I know it is frowned upon but I have ordered pointe shoes online and I am so excited.  I have however done my homework:

  • I have tried on every brand and make of pointe shoes in my city
  • I have read as much as possible
  • I have done online fitting surveys
  • I have read www.pointeperfect.com over and over again
  • I have had numerous in-depth emails with the fitter overseas including photos, measurements and descriptions of my dancing.

Of course I don’t recommend it to others but desperate times call for desperate measures. I would have to fly to another city in order to get a new pair of shoes and well I can always sell them online if I (and my teacher) am not happy with them. So I have ordered Grishko 2007.  Hurry up postie.gr%202007_-800x800