Last night I danced in the centre en pointe for the first time.  So exciting. I have been glued to the barre for the last year while being on and off again with pointe due to injuries.  But now I have finally done it. I have stepped away from the barre.

It was scary.

The Intermediate syllabus has a number of exercises in the centre so it was time I made the leap as I don’t wont to be left behind and you have to start somewhere right?

Bourree couru ok, untidy but I can do them, releves devant and derriere arghhh. Hmm not quite ready for that. Same with emboites. But echappes yes.

I wore my new shoes to warm up in. I also cut the vamp down, I have some photos to add below. They are not too bad. However I reverted to my old shoes for the centre until I have broken my new ones in.

Here is how I cut down the vamp on my pointes. I did it with the help of this video  from Straight to the Pointe.

photo 1



photo 2



Cut down

Cut down