So I am currently on holiday in the land of the Bush Ballerina.  Our annual visit to Aus to see family.  It’s currently raining, really raining, thunderbolts and lightning very very frightening raining.  Well ok maybe not scary but torrential downpours never the less. So not beach weather. However we did get a few lovely days so that’s ok. No complaints.

On Tuesday am and this morning I got out of bed at 6am and practiced for 30 minutes, full barre and part of the centre work.  It was great, although practicing on a tile floor is slightly different. I was a bit stiff also, I really need to do more stretching.

So my guilty pleasure this holiday is reading Ballerina by Edward Stewart.  I can’t decide whether I love it or hate it, the characters are kind of annoying but there is something about it which keeps me reading. I really want to find out what happens. I am envisioning some kind of Black Swan situation unfolding.  However I’m only half way through and it will delete from my ipad tomorrow (library book). Will I find out what happens or am I left dangling until I get home to renew it again.  I dont think I can read that fast. Sigh.

Back to ballet next week, four classes to make up for lost time. On the count down now, next week it is 4 months until the exam and only 4 weeks until the mock.  Time to knuckle down, oh and stop drinking so much wine and eating so much chocolate 🙂