Today was the Mock exam.  Three months to go and a good time to have someone else assess us on how we are doing.

The exam was held at our ballet studio and proceeded like a real exam would, however maybe a little less formal.  The examiner sat at a table at the front and we were scored for each exercise. We were a little nervous, and I was feeling very rusty as I have missed soo many classes in the last three weeks due to being overseas for work and moving house. The barre went ok,  we then moved to the centre which was ok on the most part if we don’t mention the grand jete en tournant.  After that it was pointe. My first time en pointe for a month and in my old shoes, it was ok.  Very short, just 4 exercises so nice and easy on my ankle. Then all done.  What a relief!

The examiner was fairly complimentary and was happy that we knew our syllabus and could tell we were all very focussed. She also mentioned that it was a nice change to her younger students, another advantage of teaching adults maybe.

This afternoon we received our results with comments which will be really helpful. We all got a pass mark. Hooray! So the big question now is whether we go into the exam in September as Cat A (Dancer) or Cat B (Mature dancers judged to the best of ones ability). Our teacher was going to take some guidance from the examiner so we shall now wait and see. I have decided I am happy either way 🙂 The big thing for us is that we didn’t want to make fools of ourselves. Sometimes when you are an adult beginner it’s easy to doubt yourself and think that maybe we are too old for all of this, especially taking exams with teenagers. We don’t want to embarrass ourselves or our teacher by trying to do something that is beyond our ability, but we do want to improve and have fun.

So with three months to go I think we achieved something today. Sure we are not teenagers anymore, but we did do ok, we still have a large amount of work to do but I think that it is possible and that’s what we were hoping for out of today