Oh dear. No ballet for two and a half weeks now and I am soo blah.

Where has all my super enthusiasm gone?  I cant find it!

I think it may be to do with:

  • Its the middle of winter here. So freezing and dark by 5.30pm
  • I have been away for work a lot, so missed heaps of classes
  • My teacher is away for three weeks
  • My gorgeous ballet friends are almost as blah as me about class at the moment
  • School holidays

Even my favorite ballet bloggers have gone dark!

I just need a fresh start. Throw myself back into it, suck it up and start practicing at home.

Only 8 weeks until the exam. Now is not a good time to loose my mojo.

So time to sew the ribbons on my beautiful new pointes from Singapore. The next two weeks are up to me but after that its back to 3-4 classes a week until the exam. Yeah.

More self motivation to come. Watch this space.