In a fit of excitement. The lovely ballet girls (the intermediate gang) decided it would be fun to attend the open class held by the National Ballet this weekend. Yeah.

But then in a moment of reflection I thought hmm maybe they are not expecting 30 and 40 something year old ladies to turn up, so I sent them an email explaining who we were. Quick as a flash (well the next morning) I received a phone call to say that indeed our age was a surprise and that the teenagers might find us a bit intimidating.  We were all thinking the other way around,  I mean we really can’t compete with pre professional teenagers. However I saw their point however, instead we were offered a special class by one of their wonderful teachers.  Yeah.

So tomorrow afternoon four us shall be given an open class tailored just for us. Then in the evening we are going to watch the ballet. Girls day (and night) out, exciting!