I have been terribly slack on the posts. Lots of reasons why but still.

So what’s got in the way of blogging:

  • work trips
  • children
  • selling the house
  • trying to work from home
  • keeping the house clean for open homes arghhh
  • oh and lack of inspiration due to being overwhelmed by all of the above
  • and of course keeping children and hubby well fed and happy.

I have still been to ballet twice a week and at attended at least one strength training session. Next term I will up it to 3 classes. I was feeling a bit despondent about the exam and my progress however, I videod a class last week and actually my adage is ok.  I can’t jump nicely and my allegro lacks style (and some technique) but it’s ok.


I think we are still on track for the exam.  We know our barre and most of the centre work, it just all needs tidying up.  Still a long way for me to go with pointe but slowly get there too.

I also have two injuries.  Left ankle and left wrist. The left wrist means no weights or upper body work and the ankle is keeping me off pointe. The wrist was from a trampoline accident ops, trying to do a flip.  The ankle is just playing up from old injuries. Grrr.


This is the last week of term so I shall need to do some practice over the holidays. Back to feet and ankle strengthening.  Where did I put my theraband?