Yesterday I got out of bed, put on my ballet tights and pushed the kitchen table aside to finally practice at home. I now have the syllabus music on my phone so I plugged it into some speakers and got started. From plies to grand battements I got through the whole barre and then some of the centre work. It felt good and I even got up a bit of a sweat. The whole routine took 30 minutes with a few stops to check the syllabus notes. With 4 1/2 months until the exam. The plan is to practice twice a week at home, two classes a week and one personal trainer session for strength.

20150408_090120 20150408_090130

My wrist is healing slowly, yeah. However the ankle is still not great. I am still unable to do much en pointe. Boo.  If I can’t get to the bottom of the problem soon I won’t be able to enter the exam as a dancer. I shall have to be a Cat B (mature student, 30+) examined to the best of dancers physical ability with a pointe exemption. It’s not the same so would be disappointing however it is an option there is also a larger theory component that goes with it. Less dance more study.  The date for deciding is the beginning of June so watch this space.


Maybe I shouldn’t be on point if I need a brace