First class of the year

First class of the year in the weekend was a great; an easy and relaxed start to ballet for the year.  Which was a good thing as after 5 weeks off I am out of shape and sporting a slightly larger tummy than usual.  I found my muscles sorer and my pirouettes could hardly be called such. Hmmm. A lot of work to be done before September. On the up side, since surgery in December I have been unable to exercise much so instead I have been doing my theraband feet exercises daily. So my feet have improved Yeah!

So tonight is the first syllabus class of the year. I have forgotten everything and my new pointe shoes are soo uncomfortable. I am sure they are too small but I have been assured on two occasions by the fitters that they are the right size.  I am not convinced. So I am wearing them around the house in the vain hope they may be wearable for tonight’s class.  I have bent them, stood on them and steamed them. I have also watched many YouTube videos to see if there is anything I’m missing.  Tonight’s class shall tell. Otherwise I am ordering Grishkos online (I know they tell you not to but I have found a lady who will post them for free to NZ and if they are not right I can return them for free). The problem about my town is that there is only one store that sells pointe shoes and they have a very small cross section so if they don’t suit your feet your stuck, grrr. Maybe I need a weekend in Sydney!

I’m off for coffee with the ballet girls (my lovely adult ballet friends) maybe they can help me break these hideous shoes in.

Beautiful but painful

Beautiful but painful

Kiwi Ballerina

7 1/2 months until my Intermediate ballet exam and counting.

Hi, my name is Zoe and I am a mother, wife, professional, clean eater who is a passionate (very average) ballet dancer by night. I started ballet at the age of 28 and have loved it ever since.

Last year I took my first ballet exam, Grade 6. I passed however would like to have done better and so I have decided, along with my amazing ballet friends that this year we will commit to the intermediate and give it our best shot. We are starting to become aware how difficult it is going to be and how much work it is going to take.

I have been inspired by many adult ballet blogs and this blog is a way to capture my progress and help keep me honest.

So here goes.


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